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  We all know it...we all dread it...but sooner or later it rears it's ugly head. The "SERVICE ENGINE SOON" light. On different vehicles it has different looks, such as "CHECK ENGINE" or a small picture of an engine. No matter what it says or looks like, it means the same thing...one of your vehicles computers has found something malfunctioning.

For the last 30 years, vehicles more and more have incorporated the use of computers, sensors and circuit boards. In fact, modern vehicles have become completely dependant on them to operate. Each sensor relays information to it's corresponding computer. The computer interprets the information, and sends control demands to the system, which depends on the information. For instance, the coolant sensor tells the computer the engine is cold. The computer calculates the parameters, then sends the signal to fuel injectors, allowing more fuel to pass through them. As the engine warms up and the parameters change, the computer adjusts accordingly. Proper engine operation completely depends on the functionality and integrity of these sensors and their circuits. If one of the sensors fail, or a wiring connection is broken, corroded or loose, the computer will recognize it and turn on the light in your dash.

Our Technicians here at Whitcomb Automotive have made it a priority to stay fully trained in the newest automotive technologies. Having the state of the art diagnostic equipment and information, we can quickly and accurately diagnose your American and Asian cars and light trucks. As automotive technology advances, you can trust so will the Technicians here at Whitcomb Automotive.